Wooden Cutting Board Countertop Popular


Cutting Board Countertop – There are many people who have doubts if it is worth installing solid wood countertops in the kitchen due to the apparent delicacy represented by the material and the maintenance that must be carried out. It does not matter what material you look for because in all you will find positive and negative opinions. People are based on experiences and therefore it is you who have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding. The main reason why you usually choose a wooden countertop is its beauty, no other material brings the warmth and feel of this material.

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If we add to this an affordable price compared to other cutting board countertop, there may be sufficient reasons to opt for them. The sealing is essential: if a sealant is not applied correctly to a wooden worktop in the joints, the water is filtered, rotting the material and the germs can run freely. Stains, humidity, and heat: to be a porous material, to avoid deterioration due to moisture, the circles of glasses, pots, etc, must be treated with mineral oil or another protector and apply it again every so often. For the heat it is necessary to put a table underneath if you want to place on the countertop very hot objects, otherwise, there will be marks.

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When you buy a prefabricated solid wood kitchen countertop it is already protected for use, but if you want it to be made to measure or even if you do it on your own, you should treat it to last longer. The hardness of the wood of a cutting board countertop varies depending on the species with which it is manufactured (the harder it is, the more resistant it will be to bumps and scratches). The good news about solid wood countertops is that they have cheap prices compared to other materials. By sanitary issues, it is normally used in decorative wooden countertops and not as a cutting or working surface.

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