Wonderful Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls


Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls – Most children use their room for a variety of activities, so decorate the room for the youngest members of your family can be challenging. A toddler girl’s room should combine fun and practical. Make room restful and whimsical as well, and you have the perfect combination for a growing toddler. There is no need to go on a big spending spree, either you can create a functional, exciting room on a budget. Choose a shade of purple paint for walls that you both like. Purchase the paint formulated without volatile organic compounds. Not only will the newly painted room smell better, you will also protect your children from toxic paint fumes. You may want to paint all the walls in the same shade of lavender, or select a wall covering with a deep, dramatic shade of purple. Use latex paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish for extra durability.

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Kids bedroom furniture sets for girls, consider using wall decals to customize your new paint. Most wall decals are simply round and stick – no special skills or tools are required. Modern wall decals use special glue that makes them easy to place and move. Choose subtle stylized silhouettes of understated elegance and stylish graphics for immediate effect. You may even be able to find decals concerning your child’s favorite cartoon and movie characters.

Add storage and organizational solutions to the kids bedroom furniture sets for girls. Choose plastic storage containers in purple or pick out coordinating colors for contrast. Sit on the floor so that you can approach the room from a child’s eye level and develop a practical plan to hold toys, clothes and books contained. For a young child, you may want to remove the closet doors entirely and replace them with a bold purple curtain instead. This avoids potentially pinching the little fingers in the doors and makes the space more accessible. Additionally, you can coordinate fabric curtain with the window treatments and bedding for a cohesive look.

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