White Platform Bed Design


White platform bed – When you want to make beautiful platform bed. White platform bed is good ideas for you. One of the least expensive ways to build a platform bed frame is to use cement blocks. You do not need to buy expensive wood or metal or screws. You do not even need tools, and because the equipment can be so cheap, even if you have a king-size bed, the total cost can be less than $ 50. Determine the number of blocks you need depends on the bed size you have. For a double bed, you have four blocks, for a double, which will have five blocks for a bed you need 9 blocks and a king-size bed you will have thirteen blocks.

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Measure and cut your plywood sheets to fit the size of your white platform bed. You want to subtract an extra inch of length and an inch wider to avoid hitting your legs or feet next to the plywood sheet after putting the mattress on top. Place the four blocks on the floor corresponding to the four corners of the bed. Place the blocks on their pages. As an additional block on the floor if you have a mattress larger than a twin. Place a block in the middle setting if you have a double bed or a mattress.

White platform bed, also add a queen mattress another block in the middle of each side and one in the centers of the head and foot and a king mattress organizes four additional blocks evenly distributed between the outer blocks and the center block of the waist in this format. Place your plywood sheet on the blocks and rearrange the block configuration as needed. Place the mattress on top of the plywood sheet. You can add other furniture such as night stand, table lamp, fan and etc.

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