White Entryway Bench for Small Space


There are those who say that the white entryway bench is one of the most important spaces of any house because it is the first area that the eyes glimpse upon arriving. I agree! But most people only care about the beauty of the decor. Regardless of whether you are big or small, before you start decorating an entrance hall, you need to know what your function is? I identify two basics: aesthetics and organization. This last one is very little taken into account here in Brazil, but it is of extreme importance!

Imagine the white entryway bench as a great filter through which everything that comes from outside passes. Before pushing useless mail around the house, there must be a sorting at the door. So you can discard everything that does not fit right away before you take the “junk” to the office.

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Although this space is often forgotten within our homes, we at prophotorev want to give it the relevance it deserves so much. After all, this is the place we see, we peek when you open the front door. It is through him that we realize what his home, style, the decoration is why should we leave that space blank ?! It’s out of the question! We want it beautiful, attractive with white entryway bench, welcoming finally give us a wink as soon as we enter the house and it tells us indirectly welcome the house!

We also know that small entrance halls are the most common and are usually those that give us back to the head. We do not know what to do with them! how to decorate them! how to organize them! how to make them cozy, bright and even with great air. That’s why we decided to put together seven fantastic inspirations so that you can copy the ideas you like best to give your lobby all the attention it deserves.

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