White Bedroom Curtains Ideas


White bedroom curtains – Choosing the curtains for a white bedroom allows an interior designer countless possibilities of choice of texture, color and fabric weight. A light, soft feel can be created in a bedroom, with the addition of light and soft fabrics. On the other hand, a bold contrast statement can be made, with thick and solid fabrics. According to HGTV, curtains give unlimited design opportunities and ultimately have the ability to make or break an entire room. Light, lacy curtains in a white bedroom will create a bright atmosphere. Lace curtains are widely sold in specialized websites and in home design stores.

When choosing the lace color for your white bedroom curtains, keep in mind what will flow with the existing decor. Lace will not completely block the light from a window. If a full light lock is desired, buy a secondary fabric of the same color to pass underneath the lace. For daring curtains in a white room, consider black leather curtains. Both the actual imitation leather curtains and can be purchased on specialized or custom-made websites by local stores. Black leather curtains will add an attractive, crisp contrast to any white bedroom, while making a bold statement. Leather curtains are ideal for insulation and will help keep air currents cool or hot summer sun. Leather curtains will provide complete light blocking; If some light penetration is desired, these curtains may not be the best choice.

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Velvet curtains add depth and richness to white bedroom curtains. When added to a white room, velvet accentuates existing decor while making an individual statement. Velvet curtains are available at most specialized websites and specialty home decor stores. When choosing the velvet curtains, keep in mind that the fabric is heavy and darker colors can weigh down a white room. The best color options for velvet curtains in a white room include: white, silver, and pastels. Velvet will provide complete light blocking medium, depending on the weight of the fabric.


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