Walnut Butcher Block for a Great Ideas


Walnut Butcher Block – The feet are not only beautiful, in this case, they were required. Unfortunately, I wanted to do this butcher block table during a quick time event of a change in San Francisco. In just one week the weather changed from cold, dry and winter weather to temperate, somewhat humid, spring weather – with several days of heavy rain for good measure. With some difficult hand-brushing and sanding, I was able to see the board mostly flat, but I was concerned that it might not visit that way permanently. Especially since the customer is going to take it home to a very different climate. By adding some adjustable legs, I look forward to this butcher’s block, allowing each foot to be adjusted to compensate for any deformation (that small) future.

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There are available leveling, used for furniture, appliances and other objects of the hole created. However I could not find such hardware at my local hardware store, just explore the aisles and looking for pieces that I could hack together. For anyone doing another similar foot, there are good pieces available online – look for leveling feet or non-slip feet. And while I’ve decided to keep my legs simple, I’m sure there are a lot of interesting walnut butcher block designs out there.

If you are making a long grain (face grain or an edge) cut board unlike my grain final cut board, all the advice you gave alone is even more important. Long grain joints are more prone to wood expansion and deformation of moisture. I used two pieces of adjustable furniture hardware for foot Рfeet and rubber feet. If possible, look for a single piece of hardware that will do both jobs Рsuch as a non-slip adjustable pad furniture or leveling feet. I could not find something that satisfied me at my local hardware store and I did not want to wait for something to be sent, so I improvised walnut butcher block in two parts.

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