Wall Hung Vanity Plan Ideas


Wall hung vanity is exactly as its name suggests: a toilet hanging from the wall. A traditional bathroom vanity consists of a cabinet base with a vanity countertop and sink. The piece is directly on the ground and against a wall. A wall hung vanity sits lightly on the floor with a small amount of space underneath. A bathroom vanity usually sits 29 inches tall. The height puts the upper part of the cabinet at waist height or slightly lower, depending on its height. If you have small children in your home, this height is fair because it allows children to easily reach the handles of the sinks. You can mount the sink higher if you have adults who only live on the property. A higher cabinet puts less pressure on the back because it is not necessary to bend or stoop over the cabinet.

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When installing wall hung vanity, risk interfering with electrical cables and pipes in the bathroom. The bathroom already has the existing lines for tap water for the sink and electric for lighting and intakes. If you place the highest vanity on the wall, they could block the lines. Depending on the shape and size, the vanity can even cover outlets on the walls. Measure the height and length of the hanging wall toilet. Cut a large sheet of paper the same size as the vanity.

Measure the height you want for the vanity and the paper of the tape wall. Look for points of any problem, including exits and moving the paper as needed. Continue moving the paper around the wall until you decide on the final location of the vanity. Step back a few feet from the wall and the height of the test. Wall hung vanity comes in various sizes, depending on the manufacturer. You must take into account the height of the existing piece when installing one in your bathroom. If the piece measures 20 inches high and you want a height of 31 inches, you must mount 11 inches above the floor. If you want the look of a floating sink with the entire vanity raised 12 inches or higher above the floor, you want a vanity of a lower height.

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