Vintage Living Room Theater Portland


Living Room Theater Portland can add drama or style to your home, depending on where and how you use them. The style of your vintage theaters should complement the style of the room. Think of your seats as originally used in, such as solid wood theaters of the 1930s or vinyl-covered seats for the 1950s.

Theater Room

Vintage theaters can set the tone for a living room theater Portland or media room. Use stuffed theaters to provide a comfortable place to sit while watching movies. Soft leather, vintage vinyl or dark velvet is some options. Add the vintage theme by including a vintage popcorn maker and hanging vintage theater posters on the walls. Hang velvet curtains or show velvet rope on chrome stands to create once if you want full theater effect.

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Set your living room theater Portland in the living room to add style and provide extra seating for guests who do not take up too much space. Tie the seats with your other furnishings by placing matching pillows on the theaters and on the couch or using the same wooden finish on your shelves and tables as the seats. The seats can fold up to take less space when you do not need them, and easily move when you need to arrange your seat.


Place your living room theater Portland in a narrow hall or parlor to create style and provide a place to sit when needed without taking up unnecessary space. Put a floor vase or small shelf next to the bench to hold baskets, umbrellas or small things that you normally need on your way out of the house. Drape a roll over your back on chairs for a comfortable feel and elegant look. Pair your living room theater Portland with an old wooden table in the same finish in your living room. The vintage look and feel of the places will complement an eclectic or rustic style. Tap the theater aspect of the seats in your living room interior with framed movie posters or figures. Alternatively, use patterns or pictures on pillows for the seats that complement living room curtains, kitchen towels or other textiles.

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