Type And Design Entryway Lockers Ideas


Entryway lockers have been a storage solution for many years. We now find ourselves in an ever-increasing world where not only is space an essential daily consideration but most importantly security. Not only in steel, but with timber lockers now available the requirement for lockers can be extended into entryway. In other more cloakroom-type areas where lockers are required, mesh lockers can be obtained but obviously do not offer security, but great storage and visibility. Bench seating is also a common extra for a standard locker combination.

Unique designs entryway lockers on certain brands offer perforated doors so that airflow is still possible, depending on the items that may be stored within each compartment. Plus this also allows for any applications where visibility may be required. Add to this the variety of colors and sizes available, the steel locker can be purchased for any number of compartments, of any size – plus with low level lockers allowing easier wheelchair or child access. Additional developments brought into the market for the standard locker is to opt for a sloping canopy top. This possibly avoids the top of the locker to be used as storage or for collecting unwanted & mostly unseen refuse.

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Entryway lockers stands can be purchased that lift the whole locker unit off the ground, enabling access for cleaning and airflow. The locker pod has also introduced a further space saving solution with a carousel-type design where a group of many locker compartments can be stored but with only one access point at any one time. Wide storage lockers are designed to be able to hold larger objects or more items within one unit. They are used with heavy duty steel to give you a long-lasting product. Storage lockers are perfect for those that need a larger area to store their items securely.


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