Tutorial Monogram Garden Flags


Monogram garden flags appear along the roads you drive down. You see the garden flags on country roads and roads city. People put garden flags in their gardens, but also in their yards or on their porch. Garden flags come in different sizes and even more styles and patterns. There is a lot to learn about garden flags if you buy them or sew your own to appear in your own garden or farm


Buy or make your monogram garden flags of nylon or polyester. Both fabrics are very lightweight materials, which the manufacturers also use to make windproof clothing jackets. When it’s raining, nylon can ward off most of the water. Whatever does not bother, dries quickly which makes this an obvious choice of fabric for outdoor garden flags. Some flags are made of cotton, but be careful with these and wash them often because they will mold.

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Most garden flags use embroidery in their designs, which means that the manufacturer stitches the pattern on the fabric instead of just printing it. Most flags have seams on both sides so that the design is correct from both sides of the hanging flag. Some flags may have two layers of embroidered nylon for patterns that need to go in just one direction, such as a monogram. Some garden flags use prints instead of embroidery, especially when printing a photo on fabric.

How Hang

All flags have envelopes along the top edge to hang. Keep in mind the size of your flag hanger when you buy flags. Some shareholders may have small flags hanging along sidewalks or walkways throughout the garden. Unscrew other proprietors in the side of your house or balcony to accommodate larger monogram garden flags. To hang your garden flag, take the pole out of the hanger. Put the rod through the cover. Replace the rod in the gallows and secure it to keep the flag from falling down or blowing away.

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