Tufted King Bedroom Set Plan


Tufted king bedroom set – Tufting is when buttons and upholstered fabric to make a design, and is usually seen in chairs, loveseats, sofas and headboards for bed frames. It is an elegant look that gives each room an elegant upgrade. If you are looking to add a tufted headboard for your bed frame, you can make a home. The advantage is that you save money and get to choose exactly what fabric you want. Set the plywood straight against a wall. Hold the metal bed rail up against it to see where the bolt holes align. Mark the locations with a pencil on both right and left sides of the plywood. Use a drill to punch pilot holes through the plywood to prepare to install the bed rail bolts later.

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Tufted king bedroom set, place the batting flat on the ground. Set the foam on top, in the middle. Set plywood on top of the foam. Pull the pad up and around with plywood top, keep it tight but not enough to knock it down. Staple the batting with plywood. Move to the opposite side of the first bracket and pull the batting top, and then staple it. Work your way around the headboard, pull up the batting and staple it so it is tight, secure the foam to the plywood. Lay the fabric face down on the floor, so the finished side is down. Place the covered plywood batting side down in the center.

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Tufted king bedroom set, pull up the fabric around the plywood side. Tuck the end so it looks neat. Make sure there is enough tension to the fabric pulls straight, without wrinkles or folds. Staple it in place. Continue around the headboard, tacking 2:58 inches apart. At the corners, fold the fabric crease style and stick to. Alternate pulling and stapling on opposite ends of the headboard to hold the fabric taut as you work. Trim any excess material from the back of the headboard as needed. Add end flat on the ground, with the fabric top. Place a piece of butcher paper over the top and mark the tufting pattern on the headboard. Remember that the lower part of the headboard will be behind the mattress so that only work with the space that exceeds 30 inches from the bottom.

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