Trend Decorate Modern Style Living Room


Modern style living room – Design and decorate your living room highlighting geometric shapes of few decorations, enter into the minimalist modern trend; I will show you how to intervene the hall in a very punctual way, so that you are in tune and with the avant-garde trend. Throughout this article we are going to give you some ideas to decorate your living room. The important thing is to preserve some of these ideas and apply them to decorate your room in a fantastic way. To use a modern style is to be simple and minimalistic attending small details for decoration. In this type of decoration does not use any type of furniture for the television to gain space and to keep the wall “clean” in visual terms.

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If you want to add color to your room you can put decorative candles. If you want to use dark colors in your decoration it is essential that you make good use of lighting. For this you can use various types and points of light to make your modern style living room come alive. You can also use some lighter colors to highlight dark colors. Play with the neutral colors in decorative pieces of greater volume and simple accessories with color, like carpets, decorative pillows and curtains. The lighting of the living room is very important in the style of modern decor. Make the most of the natural light you get.

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If you use curtains you can choose clear and transparent colors, as is the case of organza. Choose a rug that stands out with geometric shapes, come short hair, are light and modern style living room style.  Opt for sofas and armchairs with few decorations, and a bit low, to get you into the modern minimalist trend. Then Install a table in the center and other auxiliaries.  Place on the coffee table a small sculpture, a candle holder, a vase or metallic elements.   In the auxiliary tables you can install a set of twin lamps, sober, without decoration, that stands out for their defined geometric form.


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