To Build a Horse Stall Doors


Horse Stall Doors РThe styles of horse stable doors that you can build include full length sliding doors, split doors or half doors. The style you choose depends on your stall design, how much time your horse spends in the stables and personal preferences. If your horse stall door opens on the outside as you may want to consider using treated wood to do it anymore, unless your horse cribs. To build a horse stall doors, starting with saw one of the 12-foot treated discs in four 3-meter pieces. Lay two 4 Рmeter pieces on the ground so that they are parallel to each other to build up the lower part of the horse’s stable door.

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The outer edges of the two outside boards shall measure 3 meters. Repeat this step for the upper part of the horse stall doors. Add 3. Place four treated 3 – meter boards horizontally across the parallel boards already on the ground. Spread these horizontal boards evenly, making the lower and upper discs rinse with the ends of the parallel boards. Screw at least three three-inch screws, in a square pattern, through each end of four boards located on top of the two parallel boards below them. Therefore, the lower part of the door has eight overlapping areas, which require at least 24 screws, as well as the upper part of the door.

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Attach two 6-inch gate hinges with screws to one side of the bottom of the door and the same side on the upper part of the door. The hinges should be 6 to 8 inches from the bottom up in each port section. On the opposite side of each section, attach a 6 – inch door bolt to secure each section closed. Hang the horse stall doors on the stand using the screws and hinges. Hang the lower part of the door first. Before putting the screws all the way in the upper part, make sure it opens and closes without closing the lower part of the door.

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