Tips for Decorating with Black High Gloss Living Room Furniture


Black high gloss living room furniture – The first tips is, wall painting; When using a high gloss black living room furniture, make sure that the walls are painted with a bit of neutral color. When the walls are painted a light color, the furniture in the room will be highlighted very beautiful black. An ideal living room combination of bright colors with black furniture is light beige. You can add accents and shades of brown in various places on the wall to give the room a sophisticated coffee-beige-black sound. Floor; the floor of the room should be light colored as well.

Whether it is wood floors or ceramic floors that you opt for, make sure your color is in total contrast with the black high gloss living room furniture and black makes it stand out. In case the floor is dark colored and you do not want to invest money in getting it changed, placing a light colored carpet on the floor will do the trick. Another thing to consider here is that the floor and the color of the wall paint should not be the same either. Although both must be a light color, there should still be some color difference and contrast of the present. For example, if you go in the paint on the beige light brown walls, the floor should be dark beige.

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Accessories and lighting; when choosing accessories with black high gloss living room furniture or black wood furniture, remember to choose those that add a lot of color to the room. A large vase with multicolored flowers or a tapestry made with a lot of colors or a huge painting will be ideal to give life to the living room. With black lounge furniture, it is best not to add too many accessories. In addition to adding much color to the room to break the black. To do this, you can throw several pillows and cushions in the form of various colors and designs on the couch. Or you can keep a line-up of the red and green glasses on the side of your black high gloss living room furniture.

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