The White Sofa Living Room


White sofa living room – Where do you place the furniture in the living room, which colors work best and how do you create the best storage space when you need to set up your living room? Get interior designer best third to decorate the living room. Consider how the living room should be used when you create it. Look around in your living room. Where does the light come in? How do you want to use the living room? Where do you want your primary seat at the dining table, in the couch or in your armchair? And what would you like to look at? Remember, it’s great to be able to look out and feel the surroundings outside when you sit and relax in the couch or at the dining table. And it often gives a good rest to rest with your back against the wall.

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Make paths without furniture. Make sure that the walkways in the living room are free of furniture so that you can in theory go around in the dark. Therefore do not place a white sofa living room in front of a doorway. Passage provides air and doors must be closed. A big sofa is also not a good idea unless there is room enough in the living room for the couch to move out into the living room so that there is so much air to the window that you can get past and sit and look out on the garden. Place furniture 10-15 cm from corners and like from the wall it gives a light expression and ensures free ventilation around the windows.

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Be careful not to choose too screaming colors it creates some turmoil, draws attention to and seems bombastic especially in smaller spaces. Instead of, for example, the hot cobalt blue, you can choose marine or habit blue in a subdued shade that will still give a white sofa living room edge in the room without dominating or dazzling.


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