The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood Nightstand


Reclaimed Wood Nightstand – According to the United Nations Environment Program, there are currently twelve species of trees on the endangered list. Many of these have become popular choices for making furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, and other products that humans use. Every year about 40 million hectares of forest is logged for this purpose. Because our limited resources are rapidly shrinking, companies and consumers alike are looking for ways to incorporate more environmental responsibility into their way of life.

We all know about recycling, reducing energy consumption, and “paperless”. Another great way to become more environmentally friendly is to furnish your home with furniture reclaimed wood nightstand. Instead of being discarded, old wood from closed houses and buildings began to be harvested, refurbished, and given a second life as a coffee table or dressing table. The use of reclaimed wood can have an additional environmental advantage beyond the preservation of virgin trees. Many builders also use non-toxic glue and paint and all natural oils are finished. The ultimate goal is to produce beautiful high quality products while impacting the environment to a minimum.

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Reclaimed wood nightstand stylish yet rustic furniture. In some cases, it is almost impossible to say this part is not brand new. At other times, evidence such as old nail or eye knife is intentionally retained, giving antique charm and worn out. It can be designed to fit the taste of the homeowner’s vast and in accordance with contemporary or traditional motifs. There is also a feeling of intrigue around reclaimed wood furnishings; your bed could have come from a turn of the century warehouse or a historic school house. Perhaps it was only taken from the deck of the unused neighbor; in any way, he has his own history and story.

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