Talking Today about Outside Mount Blinds


If you are thinking about installing outside mount blinds on doors or windows in your home or office, we are talking today about the different alternatives for its correct assembly. As you know, the online order of this product guarantees that they are received in each home with everything necessary for a perfect and simple installation . The venetian blinds are curtains that offer many possibilities, among them the easy and good adaptation to any environment and to get a very adjustable entrance of the external light. They also offer excellent insulation depending on their position.

In winter, the concave face of the slats should face inward while in summer, as the hot air is directed upwards, the concave face of the slats should face outwards. We can opt for them in aluminum or pvc in deformable , also in wood with 25 or 50 cm slats for the most rustic decorations and with a greater manufacturing process, or also in effect wood at a lower price and with a lacquered finish that It imitates different tones. The purchase process on our website is simple and we guarantee the highest quality of materials, supports and outside mount blinds.

As for the installation, doubts always arise. In wooden venetian blinds we can install them to the wall or ceiling, and also to the wall with a 7 cm long extension bracket if we want to be more separated from the window. The type of ladder can be cord or tape and the measurement of the fold is indicated on our website based on the measures that our blind has. The only thing to do next is to fix the venetian blind in its supports on each side and hold it in the correct way so that it is completely secured. The wooden border will be placed on top and completely cover the top part of our outside mount blinds, to make it more showy.

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