Super Popular Wall Mounted Toilets


Wall mounted toilets are popular options for bathrooms that are space-saving. They are connected to the sewer outlet pipe through the back of the toilet and in a sewer pipe in the wall cavity. A tank hidden in the wall provides water for washing. Although there are many types of toilets mounted on the wall, the assembly of them is basically similar. The toilet is connected to the water inlet and the drain pipes and is kept in place with a toilet mount fixed to the wall. Connect the mounting bracket to the toilet mounting bolts, if they come with your toilet kit. These brackets are normally installed on the mounting bolts with a nut and provide a secure grip for the toilet on the wall.

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Apply silicone grease to the outside of the water supply line and the wall inlet where the bathroom will be mounted, which will help seal the pipes, as well as make it easier for the pipe to slide. Toilet instead: Turn on the wall mounted toilets bowl so that you can see the back. Insert the silicone putty into the putty gun. The end of the putty gun is removed with a knife at a 45 degree angle. Squeeze a bead of silicone putty around the back side of the toilet bowl. Turn the toilet so the back towards the wall. Lift the toilet and slide it in place of the sewer water inlet and outlet pipes.

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Insert the tank bolts into the sides of the tank and into the mounting bracket. Tighten with a wrench. Use a pipe wrench, if necessary, to reach the bolts. Place the plastic plugs, if included, over the bolts.  Wait for the putty to cure, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pull the chain and check for leaks. Tighten the screws, if necessary. Tips: Do not try to clean any putty that oozes from behind the wall mounted toilets. Wait until it dries and cut it with the knife.


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