Super Comfortable Small Living Room Decor


Small living room decor – With these tips you can create a super cozy and especially comfortable living room where you can spend pleasant moments. Because a living room is a space not to be missed in a house or apartment, since it is there where you can receive visits whether family or friends. The important thing is that the decoration of a living room is adequate and correct. Because you can create a living room that you always dreamed of having. Needless to say, here’s the advice to decorate a small living room, so take note and get down to work:

The first thing to do is choose the color to paint the walls. For small spaces it is recommended to use light colors. For example; the color white, is a color that makes the reduced space is broad and well lit. In addition, it gives elegance and cleanliness. I have now seen that many people paint only the walls of their room and take no interest in the ceiling, that bad. Because the ceiling or the drapery should also be painted. Mostly the ceiling of a small living room decor should be painted a lighter color than the walls, so you will make your room look tall and angry.

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To complement and enhance the decoration you must place beautiful curtains on the windows. So that you can give your room small height and space you must place ceiling curtains to the floor. it is very important that you keep in mind that the curtains that you place on the windows harmonize with the furniture and the color of the walls. Another tip for decorating a small living room decor is using mirrors. The mirrors open the space and reflect the natural and artificial light. And Personally I suggest you put a large mirror on the sofa or also on the side opposite a window, so will your room with good lighting.

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