Stellar Ideas Burgundy Curtains For Living Room


Burgundy curtains for living room – Contemporary design in home decor usually means use of simple furniture, straight lines and lack of clutter. Contemporary design represents what is “in” today and that may include color trends. Modern design, on other hand, is associated with mid-century design, also known as modern era. burgundy color is linked to house of contemporary design and decoration and can be seen in furniture, bedding, wall art, carpets and accessories. You can Place a burgundy leather sofa or sectional sofa in your living room or living room for a bold statement. For another contemporary option, put a burgundy side chair in an office or study. Do not add other colors or noisy patterns in room to maintain your overall contemporary look.

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Use burgundy-bedding in your bed. Buy matching pillow cases, blankets, pillows and even burgundy curtains for living room to coordinate colors of your bedroom. Combine solids and streaks for a classic look. Use a burgundy quilt with burgundy leaves, or accent your bed with burgundy pillows, if you just want a touch of color. Decorate your floor in your living room, bedroom or living room with a contemporary carpet area of ​​Burgundy. A carpet of two tones, for example, of burgundy and beige or burgundy and gray would go well in a room with beige or gray walls. Burgundy is a fairly strong color, however, so avoid excess of burgundy in a room, such as burgundy furniture and a burgundy carpet or burgundy walls and burgundy furnishings.

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Add a touch of sophisticated color to walls of neutral colors with wall art that has burgundy in it. Use photos, paintings or watercolors. For example, add a dramatic touch to your dining room or bedroom with a contemporary semi-e style bamboo painting with burgundy, pink and black tones.  Accessorize any room with touches of burgundy curtains for living room. Use a burgundy leather desk set in your office, for example, or burgundy lampshades in your living room. Add a burgundy storage box for a functional and stylish look in any room.


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