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March 19, 2019 Entrance

Special Grand Entrances to Our House

Grand entrances – The first impressions count, they are marked in our memory as reference of what will be a friendship relationship or in this case the image of a house. Impressing our visitors with a special entrance to our house is the best way to create a first good impression on them. In most contemporary houses the idea of ​​a space for foyer or anteroom of access has been lost, however the essence of what it means to enter a new space and give this access a special scale, which consolidates the transition between the outside and inside, will not be replaced at all.

Grand Entrances Classic

Grand Entrances Classic

When we have long and narrow corridors we always feel that there is a loss of useful space, since these are usually transition spaces that are little used. In this case the decoration grand entrances play an important role, trying to provide warmth and design to this narrow corridor so that the experience of crossing it is quite pleasant. It is important to have an ante-room to our house where we can receive our visits, keep coats and wallets in a closet and even observe our outfit before leaving home.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Special Grand Entrances to Our House

Image of: Grand Entrances Staircase
Image of: Grand Entrances Stair
Image of: Grand Entrances Sofa
Image of: Grand Entrances Rug
Image of: Grand Entrances Led Lamps
Image of: Grand Entrances Large
Image of: Grand Entrances Inspiration
Image of: Grand Entrances Home
Image of: Grand Entrances Floor
Image of: Grand Entrances Decoration
Image of: Grand Entrances Decor
Image of: Grand Entrances Classic
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These spaces are usually small and confined between walls, so you should take full advantage of every square centimeter we have. Having a large wardrobe in which we can keep our jackets, a large mirror and a small console to place the keys will save us a lot of clutter. Our house can be completely reflected in the way we decided to decorate our anteroom. In this case a central black volume accentuates to these house, grand entrances in this volume you can hide the coats and wallets or it could be the visiting bathroom, in short, a service space. The contrast between colors and textures reinforces an industrial style that goes very well with the hanging lamp system.

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