Sofa Bunk Bed Ideas


Sofa bunk bed – The best thing to do if you want to convert a single bed into a bunk is to build a standing frame around your existing single bed so that this new frame can support a second single bed that will be placed directly above. The new frame will be on the floor and it can be in direct connection to the old single bed or left-hand stand. Follow these instructions to create a functional and attractive bunk bed from your old single bed. Measure mattress to determine what size you have. Then check to see if the same size as the mattress is currently available. Chances are that an identical size can be located locally, but it’s best to call around first and make sure that is the case before you start building. For the application of this article, a second bed should be built which is designed to accommodate the same size mattress as the original bed at the bottom.

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Measure the thickness of the original sofa bunk bed frame. We will build the overlap from two to eight lines, so in fact the top frame will be 1-inches thick. If the original bed frame is 1 u00BD inches thick, no changes are required. If the original bed frame is less than 1 u00BD inches, then a spacer must be placed between the original bed frame and the services upright to compensate for the difference. And if the original bed frame is thicker than 1 u00BD inches, then strips of plywood need to be laid on the inside of the frame that we will build for the upper bed. The thickness of the plywood will match the extra thickness of the original bed. For example, if the original bed has a two inch thick frame and then when you make the top frame from the two-edges, you need to add plywood to the inside of the frame.

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Calculate the size of the sofa bunk bed frame to the overflow font. This will be done from four two-eighths, but first it is necessary to calculate the length of each piece so that the mattress fits well into the frame. The two long pieces will be three inches longer than the length of the mattress and two ends will decrease in the same dimension as the width of the mattress (you can add one inch for safe action if you want). So, a mattress that is 80 inches by 32 inches would give a frame that is 83 inches by 35 inches, but the size of saw boards would be 83 inches and 32 inches.

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