Small Entryway Storage Bench Ideas


Small entryway storage bench – When the space is limited in a home, every piece of inventory counts. One of the best ways to double up the storage and sit space is with a storage bench. You can spot or paint wooden storage benches to match a room’s decor and you can add a pillow to the top to provide extra comfort and style. Set 4-foot with 6-foot inch thick plywood on the table saw and create the wing guides to make some cross-sections. Cut two pieces, each 36 inches with 14 inches for the front and the back. Cut two pieces that are 15 inches by 17 inches for left and right catch. Cut the bottom piece to measure 34 inches with 13 inches.

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Small entryway storage bench, cut the top piece 13 inches long and the hoop piece 2 inches wide, both 37 inches long. Discard the side stone plywood. Take the side panels and mark a left inside and a right inside with a carpenter pencil. Edit your table saw blade for a dado blade and set it to cut 3/4 inch wide with 1/8 inch deep with the fence set to 1/2 inch to make a ridge on boards. Measure 14 inches down the sides of the side panels and clearly mark the spot with your carpenter pencil before the cut. Replace your blades again and use a 1/2-inch gouge bit set to 1/4 inch deep. Set the guide to make the following 13 inches from the top of the panels. Match boards by making your bottom cut. Set side panels to side for later.

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Small entryway storage bench, get front and rear boards and mark the inside of each of these with your pencil 13 inches down. Feed the boards through the router with the same guide and settings to form a clean cut. This cut is very close to the bottom of the plates. Dry assemble pieces of the bench together. Cut 1-inch with 1-inch, 23-inch plywood in half with the table saw. These pieces will be used as support braces. Install the support struts on the bottom of the top piece and drive them from the back of the top to 11 inches. Screw them into place with wooden screws. Assemble the sides and bottom of the box and fasten them into place with wooden screws located outside each 2 inches. Lower the screws in the tree. Install piano hinges on the upper part and the upper tooth bar. Attach the thin back of the upper piece, place the wood screws every 2 inches and lower the screws.

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