Simple Ways to Make Entryway Bench Cushion


Entryway bench cushion – Use your decorate and sewing skills to make a entryway bench cushion for a cozy window seat, dining table bench or fur stand in the foyer. The duvet will add an accent to the room and provide comfortable seating at low cost. An entryway bench cushion is a different from other cushions. Because it is a solid rectangle of high density foam, rather than a bulky pillow of loose filler. You can expect it’s a weekend project, less if you’re sewing. To make entryway bench cushion is very easy project. Just starting with measure the bench as you will make the pad. Buy a piece of 5-inch thick high density foam 1 inch shorter and 1 inch narrower than the bench.

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Cut two pieces of extra-loft foam batten, be the same size as the cushion to cover the top and bottom. Spray each piece of foam bat with a thin layer of sprinkim. Adjust the piece of batting with its corresponding foam entryway bench cushion section, and then push down properly so the batting follows the pad. Cut two pieces of decorator fabric every 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider than the bench pad. These pieces will be at the top and bottom of the cushion case. The extra 2 inches are to make sure that the lid is not too tight as the stitching account, which is the distance from the edge of the fabric. Measure the perimeter of the top cover.

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Cut a piece of decorator fabric it is the length of the foam cushion plus 1 inch and 6-1 / 2 inches wide for bench cushion cover wedge. Enter the sewing machine stitch dial so that the machine sews six stitches to the thumb. Place the two ends of wedges together with the right side facing each other. Pin up the cover to the branch of the lid with edges together. Follow the same procedure to attach the other edge of the branch to the bottom of the cushion case. Insert the foam pad covered with foam batten in the cover. The hand is closed by means of a needle and thread. And the new entryway bench cushion was ready to use.

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