Simple Ideas Bunk Bed with Futon


Bunk Bed with Futon – Bunk beds is a convenient bed style. They are perfect for children because they look like a playground and a real space saving, which almost every family needs. But instead of disbursing cash for pre-made bunk beds, you can make a project out of it by building yourself. With basic building supplies, they can create true bunk beds that are robust and functional. Lay 2 inches to 6 inches of planks and cut lengths from two to 6.5 feet. Cut the other two to 3.5 feet. Extend into a rectangle frame and screw the ends together. Cut four boards 2 by 6 inches plus 3.5 feet, place them in the box as a stand. Screw two 3-inch boards from the foot and frame head. Screw the last 25 inches and 48 inches from the bottom of the bed. Now you have a finished bed frame. Repeat this step for the lower bed.

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Cut four beams 65 inches long, 2 inches by 6. Support the beams at their ends to make the bunk bed with futon posts. Using the carriage bolts, attach the frames to the beams. Frame the lower bed will join about 1 foot from the floor and the top berth will be about 4 feet off the floor. Make sure the frames are level and secure in place.

Measure from the post support center to the next. Cut two boards 2 by 4 inches on each side for two bunks. Screw the slats to the support beams, framing the top and sides of the bottom berth. Each side will have two planks spaced 6 inches from the bottom of the frame with a 6-inch gap between the two boards. Sand the wood supports and frames until smooth. Use a wooden brush to quickly level and shape the wood. Grease a thin layer of stain or paint to finish the bunk bed with futon.

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