Shoe Tray for Entryway Ideas


Shoe tray for entryway – Surely, on more than one occasion, you’ve heard that, take your shoes off the road to get into the house! And there are many people who have a closet at the entrance to let the slippers on the way and change as soon as you enter the house. The truth is that the idea we propose is the most original. This is to place a tray at the entrance of the house to leave shoes on top, as you can see in the photo. But the idea is to put a decorative touch on the house, not to use this area to get rid of all your shoes in a messy manner and without any care. Without a doubt, this is a very original idea and it can be very good if you decorate the entrance of your house. Do not you think it’s a good alternative? Without a doubt, this can be a good idea.

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Anyone living in geographical areas where snow or rain are common; and even those who have not yet lived in these areas periodically suffer the same problem under adverse climatic conditions. When we entered our house, we always wet and soiled the floor. If we leave our shoes at the door or enter our house with them. Stains on the floor are always difficult to remove and few people like to have rags or rugs in the house to get out of their shoes. That’s why today we present you with an original idea shoe tray for entryway of your house. It can be done on a wooden tray to which you must put white stones or other colors as long as they are in the garden.

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They place this tray near the door and they may leave extra shoe tray for entryway to change when they come to your home. When they do, they leave their shoes wet and dirty on the stones. There, all the water will flow, pollute our floors and most of the dirt will remain. Water flowing in the tank evaporates on its own, but it is convenient to clean the tank regularly. With this idea, we will not only damage our floors or leave our shoes dirty, but we will also have an original accessory that we can combine with the decoration.

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