Rustic Queen Bedroom Sets Style


Rustic queen bedroom sets – Retro is a style that originated in the 1960s and 70s and is one of the most beloved themes regarding bedrooms and offices. Anyone can have a retro bedroom, including teenagers who love bright colors associated with the retro era. They can have an exciting time with decorative items and end up with individualized and elegant bedrooms. One way to incorporate retro theme in a teenager’s bedroom is to work with colors. During the retro era bar people bold and bright colors. Some examples of these colors are electric blue, neon green and orange, bright pink and purple, apple green and yellow. The bedroom of teenagers does not have to stick with one color.

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It will have a more retro feel of many of the colors found in the room. Create swirl pattern on the wall with the help of colors, or paint the wall a different color from the floor. The color coordination need not stop at the walls and floors. Furniture and fittings inside the room can also have these colors to stand out. Rustic queen bedroom sets furniture and accessories inside the teen’s bedroom do not have to be brand new. Paint some of the old furniture in retro colors to save money. For curtains, use tie-dyed cloth. It’s also a good idea to give a shag carpet in a retro paint to brighten up the room. Shop at flea markets or garage sales to look for some retro accessories teenager’s room. Choose some vinyl chairs, a retro clock, posters, ribbons and other accessories that tie in with the retro theme in the bedroom.

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The light can greatly affect the mood of the rustic queen bedroom sets. Many types of lamps are available to choose from when it comes to retro lighting. For the central light of the room, use a large pendant light with a retro design. A floor lamp shade is ideal for bed. Retro lampshades have different patterns of dots, swirls, flowers, or just color mix. To complete the retro theme of the room, add a lava lamp and put it on a side table. Lava lamps are more decorative purpose than for illumination but will definitely turn a teen’s room into a retro haven.


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