Round Entryway Table for Democratic Conviviality


Round entryway table – When you think of the entry table one of the most common reactions is that in your home there will never be. In the more classic sense, in fact, this furniture item is a real table, set in a large space where it is ideally placed in the center. Such solutions are found for example in historic homes or in New York penthouses. In addition to choosing the size, color and material, you need to find the right table format for your environment. So which one to choose, square or round table? In most of our homes, however, the inputs are not big, if not even reduced to the bone.

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So the tendency is to give up a table or console (much used in the 70s and now recovered) or even to a simpler shelf. The round entryway table is more feminine and modern, give the spaces softness and decorate with daring. One of the main differences between the round shape and the square is the foot of the table. No edges and no leg to disturb the comfort. Equal visibility and importance, round tables are “democrat” tables. A real entry table, round, in the center of the room, supporting lamp, objects and books.

An entrance hall, overlooking a beautiful veranda. A pleasant place to stay, although space is not much. The table is can use a small round entryway table. Simple but refined, on which complete a metal lamp with a large bright yellow lampshade and a round mirror hanging on the wall was supported. A point that captures attention in a deliberately dark environment, but strongly illuminated by natural light. On the side of the desk is an orange armchair, in a warm and cold tone, light-dark, rigid and soft lines, in which the table has the role of discreet support.

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