Queen Platform Bed with Storage Design


Queen platform bed with storage – Extra storage is one of the most sought after additions for DIY owners. A practical way to get plenty of extra storage without compromising space is to create furniture with integrated storage. A cubby platform bed is a piece of furniture that offers plenty of additional storage space while using the space often under the often lost bed. An attractive and sturdy cubby platform bed requires no carpentry skills or any complicated carpentry, so more practical owners can complete the project with ease. Sand and paint all plywood pieces and edges strips of cubby storage bed. It is much easier to sand and paint flat plywood panels and retouch nail holes or the screw after the construction, which once mounted the paint.

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Queen platform bed with storage, configurations of two sheets of 3/4 inch plywood 19 inch 76 in a 76 inch edge, 15 inches apart. Five by 19-inch plywood ply slot between the two 76-inch boards, with two outer flush sheets with the ends of the 76-inch planks and the remaining three evenly spaced between them. Verify that all angles are 90 degrees using a carpenter’s square, and then glue all joints and leave dry clamping system. Drill three evenly spaced holes for 1 inch screws through the sides of the 76 inch panels on the adjoining ends of the 15 by 19 inch size dividers. Secure the dividers in place with screws through the pilot holes.

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Lay a 1/2-inch 16 inch 76 plywood sheet over the top of the 76-inch panels and dividers. This will cover up all the planks. Secure it in place with 1 inch screws per 6 to 8 inches around the perimeter, as well as in the dividers. Turn the unit over so that one of the 76-inch panels is on the floor, with the open sides of the unit facing you. This is one half of the queen platform bed with storage. Repeat with two more 76 inch panels, five more dividers and another more than 16 of 76 inches back so you have two matching cubby units.

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