Queen Canopy Bedroom Sets Ideas


Queen canopy bedroom sets – Romance is sure to be in the air when a filmy canopy surrounding your bed. Canopies from heavy satin fabrics that fully encloses a bed curtains at the four corners of the bed that only suggests a canopy. Make your own chapel with a few simple tools and yards of netting. The look may be modern, tropical or feminine. A canopy gives a room an exotic, romantic look. Fortunately, your bed is not a canopy frame or even four posts for you to put a roof decoration to your room. Choose something light material, regardless of size and cascade it from your bedroom ceiling for a moment bedroom makeover. Canopies works well in many types of bedroom furnishings, including Victorian, modern, Indian, country, shabby chic, cottage and tropical.

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Choose fabric for your queen canopy bedroom sets decoration. Translucent, lightweight cotton, gauze and pure silk works well for a shabby chic or Indian palace look. If you prefer something more opaque and tailored looking believes cloth cover ground or muslin. Adding fringe, tassels, embroidery, patches, pom-poms, profiling small mirrors on the fabric makes for a rococo canopy decoration. However, ornaments prevent the possibility washable fabric. If the fabric is too delicate, lightly spray with a fine mist of water and hang it on a clothesline to eliminate wrinkles.

Creating a framework for your hood. Drill holes in the roof along the edge of where you intend to hang the queen canopy bedroom sets fabric. Put the eye hooks into the holes. If you plan to cover the entire roof, drill additional holes for eye hooks to support the fabric and create a draping effect. String one or two layers of fishing line between the eye hooks. Pull the line taut before tying it around each eye hook. Stretch fabric so that it cascades over each side of the fishing line frame. If the fabric weighs too much for the fishing line to attach curtain rods directly to the ceiling and hanging fabric over them.

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