Purple Living Room Chairs Decoration


Purple living room chairs – Decorate your living room in modern style to make your purple living room chairs. Modern furnishings usually include smooth, clean lines, exciting structures and neutral colors with bold accent paint. Using mostly neutral colors allows you to change your accent color every season or when you get tired of the current color. Use the chair to anchor your living room.


Paint the wall behind the chairs in accent paint or other neutral shades to frame the purple living room chairs. For example, fuchsia, sky blue or lime green would work with dark or light chairs. To keep it neutral, paint the wall chocolate for a light purple living room chairs. Arrange the furniture to complement the chair and use it as an anchor in the room. A seat or two chairs can be left over from the chairs or on each side of the chairs facing each other. Use tables with simple, clean lines in dark or light wood tones or glass and metal. Round, square and rectangular shapes are OK.

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Add texture to the room with textiles. A high pile or fuzzy mat in your accent paint or with bold stripes can anchor your furniture arrangements. Sheer curtains or simple bamboo shades can provide privacy without removing from your furnishings. Hang a mirror, wall sculptures, artwork or framed images. Simple lines are the key, but with some bold and interesting, such as a piece of modern art that includes accent paint you use in the living room. A large piece or two pieces of the same size are better than several small pieces.

Install interesting lighting, such as a chandelier. Antique or modern pieces will work. Hang the chandelier over the couch, behind or on one side of it. Lines with clean lines or track lights that light on the drawing will also add the room. Imagine a lamp or lampshade in your bold accent paint. Accessorize the purple living room chairs with pillows. Use one or two pillows on each end of the chairs in simple squares, interesting fabrics and strong colors. Orange, yellow, lime green, blue, red and fuchsia are some ideas that work well with brown. Sprinkle the accent color throughout the room in a couple of places using light, elegant vases or ceramics.

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