Pretty Diy Tufted Queen Bed


Designer tufted queen bed is very pricey and they can be difficult to match your interior. Tufted headboards are surprisingly easy to do yourself with a few simple materials and time. You can make your headboard with finest fabric or a found material that you can match specifically to your own style and preferences. Whether you’re using found objects or buying new ones, your tufted headboard will be focal point of your bedroom. Place hollow door on a flat surface and wipe off. Remove any current hardware and discard. Using drill, six holes make through door. Use a pattern that you prefer. These holes will be where tufting is created. Remove any sawdust.

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Distribute fabric on work surface design downwards. Smooth with your hands to remove any wrinkles or catches in fabric. Place two layers of Quilter’s platter on top of fabric and smooth. Put door on a layer of fabric and plate wrap.  Pull tufted queen bed fabric over corners of door close and fasten with short gun. Continue until all four corners are secure. Very much like wrapping a gift, pack sides of door with fabric and securely with staples on back of door. Continue until entire door is packed and secured. Flip door to its front.

Find areas on door where you had previously bored. Use ends of scissors, make a small slit in fabric and plate wrap. Pull straps through buttons and put ends in hole in door until they are visible on back. Pull strap as tight as you can while making sure button is right on tufted queen bed fabric side of door. Using short gun, secure tape ends on back of door. Continue until all buttons have been secured.  Fit image hanging set on back of door according to manufacturer’s instructions. Pull wires tight to ensure a fit with wall for suspension.

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