Pretty Crystal Picture Frames


Crystal picture frames – we are very fond of frames as a decorative resource. And is that the frames can serve us for a host of things, whether to decorate an empty wall or a shelf, or to give a special touch to the mantel of a fireplace. But the frames not only serve to frame beautiful photos -which also-, but they are a much more versatile element than we think. In order to show you all the decorative frames you can use, today we bring you fantastic examples of beautiful things you can do with them. The first mandatory stop in terms of the use of frames is undoubtedly its most common use: to frame photos, whether they are full color, black and white, recent or vintage.

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Crystal picture frames of all sizes serve us fantastically to create frames galleries or frames of frames in any corner of the house. Use frames to frame photos of a couple, family, travel, movie stars, or vintage photos: the result never disappoints. Bet on frames of unequal sizes and colors to create your gallery that will give you an ideal imperfection to create cozy environments. And do not be afraid to mix techniques on the same wall, placing drawings or even silhouettes painted on wood next to your photos.

Give a little around the crystal picture frames and dare to place your photos in it in an original way, as they do in these images: the photos are held in the center of the frame with tweezers, without the help of any glass. A fantastic use that can be given to a frame is to use it to frame those children’s drawings that children accumulate in folders over the years and with which we do not really know what to do. When you think about it a little, the light goes on: of course, why not frame them and hang them on the wall of your room? Or in the hallway, or in the lounge…

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