Popular Foyer Tile Ideas


Foyer tile ideas – A foyer, or entrance hall of a building, is an important place to make a style statement. The floor is one of the first things people’s announcement comes in, and one of the last things they see when they leave. The type of tile floor you choose for a lobby sets the tone of the room, which, in turn, helps to determine the style for the rest of the building. The foyer does not have to match other rooms, but the design has to flow evenly from one style to the next.

Create a modern style in your foyer tile ideas with small square ceramic tiles in cheerful colors. Install a thin line of black tiles along the outer edge of the foyer floor. Fill the remaining floors with black, white, pink, purple, jade, yellow, orange and aqua tiles in a random pattern. Decorate the lobby carefully to avoid an overwhelming appearance. Add pieces that complement one or two colors in the floor, such as a cube-shaped glass vase filled with yellow gerbera marguerites, or a twisted wrought iron table with a jade tile countertop.

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Colorful ceramic tiles are popular for creating intricate mosaics and mural patterns on a foyer floor. Create a wildflower-patterned holiday child around the foyer with cuts of the lilac, purple, yellow, cream and dark green tiles. Cover the middle of the foyer floor with cuts of dark and light green tiles. Decorate the foyer with simple elements, such as echoing the bold floor pattern, such as a regular wooden bench with Paisley pillows. Foyer tile ideas with marble tiles have an expensive look ideal for a formal foyer style. Install large, square, marble tiles in white and / or black for an elegant style in a huge lobby. Install small, square, white marble tiles to a small foyer. Decorate the foyer with elegant pieces, such as a wrought iron coin, crystal chandelier or marble-top table.

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