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June 30, 2019 Interior

Popular Burlap Lamp Shades

Burlap lamp shades – When designing a room, nothing has the same opportunity to make a statement as strong as the lighting. Lamps not only have a decorative base, but perhaps more important is the lampshade. The shadow contains color, shape and light quality desired, be dark and cozy or light and bright. Burlap or craft paper lampshades, regardless of the appearance or the usual, make a strong impression on the overall feel of a space.

Awesome Burlap Lamp Shades

Awesome Burlap Lamp Shades

Select the correct type of burlap. Different types of burlap have different ability to let the light shine through them. Select a frame for burlap lamp shades. Conical, drum, and square / rectangular frames are the most suitable for beginners. Think about the size and shape of your interior decoration. Select burlap and cut out. When the diameter on the top and bottom of the shadow is the same, all that is needed is a strip of burlap that is one inch longer than the frame and 2/1 inches longer than the perimeter of the frame. For conical shades, roll the frame 360 ​​degrees on your burlap. As you roll, highlight the top and bottom edges at half-inch intervals. Attach dots, add an extra half inch to the top and bottom, then cut out your bow, leaving an extra half inch at one end.

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Nice burlap lamp shades, match burlap on the frame, patch the ends of 1/2 inch, and follow with glue or a glue gun. Fold half-inch city edge over the top and bottom of the frame glue them there. You can choose to put a string of glue down each support of the frame as you fit the burlap, but keep in mind that this glue can show through your finished work when the light is on. Forgive your shadow. You can give your shadow a fancier look by gluing a string of bands around the upper and lower edges. Move the tape away from the edge with an inch or so can give a more formal look, which is a nice counterweight to your burlap. Fringe, tassels and jewels can give a similar contrast.

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