Personalized Door Knocker in Elegant Look


Personalized door knocker – The entrance doors are the presentation card of your home. When you find yourself in the situation of choosing a gateway for your home, the first thing you should keep in mind is whether your home is inside, like a floor of a building, or outside, likes a chalet. In the first case, the doors do not offer many design possibilities, they are rather standardized. In the second case, the designs are more varied, as well as the materials; In addition, the door should have a higher level of security than if it were a door for an interior house and with a weather resistant finish.

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Once defined the need, interior or exterior, you can assess for your choice other features such as color, design and the degree of security that can bring to your home, depending on whether it is armored, armored, metallic, made of solid wood or PVC. The classic never goes out of style. This double entrance personalized door knocker in an elegant black color with silver sconces and flanked by two large planters welcomes us to a very distinguished and diplomatic house. The cobblestone landing is the first stop that catches your attention due to its geometric arrangement ordered in the shape of a half moon.

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So it’s nice to be received. We begin our tour with a very unique entrance. A classic exterior door, lacquered in white that offers two very peculiar details; On the one hand, a personalized door knocker located at the top with the call to warn of our presence. This type of old complement is a nice nod to another era, as well as the detail of the mailbox located in the central body, an element that brings certain romanticism to other times in which messages were not sent from the mobile or mail electronic.


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