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Shoe Storage Entryway – Finding the perfect storage solution for shoes is not an easy task, much less when one of your passions is shoes and you can count them by the dozens. Footwear is not like clothes, if you keep everything piled up in a big box or in a trunk it will most likely end up being deformed and dirty. It is not practical to have it distributed by all the cupboards and spend hours looking to get the pair you want to put on (unless you have an elephant memory). Ideally, the shoes were at the entrance to the house because, normally, it is the last thing we put on before leaving and the first thing we took off when we arrived.

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There are many solutions for storing footwear in the hall but have the disadvantage that this type of shoe storage entryway does not usually have a large capacity. In addition, in many homes, the hall is nonexistent or is an extension of the hallway. In addition, although in the ideas the footwear banks are good, in practice it is not aesthetic to find a “procession” of shoes as soon as you open the front door. To store a considerable number of shoes it seems that we have to resort to large shoemakers. But however practical they may seem, they really are not.

First because, although you have everything in sight, you need a large space that often you do not have and second because the soles of the shoes are dirty and end up staining the shoe storage entryway. I like to keep shoes in boxes and they are all the same size. In this way if I choose one that is below the others, the upper ones occupy the empty space without falling apart, everything falls as if it were a row of Tetris. On a pallet, although honestly, I would not place leather shoes in this way so they could be damaged with the pallet boards.

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