Padded King Size Bed Frame with Headboard


King size bed frame with headboard – Great headboards sit at the head of a bed and add a touch of color and texture to the decor of your room. They also serve a practical purpose, providing a padded back. The headboard should be the same width as the bed and sit at least 18 to 24 inches above the mattress, so that you can see it above the bedding. Sturdy fabrics like linen and damask work best for cover. A standard United States bed is 76 inches wide. However, various manufacturers vary slightly, so measure your bed before you start the project. Measure the width of the bed, then the height from the floor to the top of the mattress. Decide how much you want to stand above the bed, and add the appropriate measure to the height of the headboard. For example, if the bed is 24 inches high and you want the headboard finished at 24 inches above it, the overall height of the board is needed is 48 inches.

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King size bed frame with headboard, measure the appropriate height and width of the plywood sheet and cut to size. The sand of the rough edges. Lay batting out on the floor and place the board on top. Cut around the board, leaving a 3-inch margin around all the way. Fold the edges of the batting over and staple into the back of the board. Lay the fabric on the floor, right side down. Set the board at the top, with the side covered in batting. Cut around the Board, again leaving a margin of 3 inches. Fold fabric and staples in place.

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King size bed frame with headboard, turn the headrest over. On the wrong side, measure and mark 10 inches and up from each bottom corner. Drill each marked point. Measure 10 inches up each hole and another drill to make a total of four holes. Have an assistant hold the board against the wall for you in the right place and use the point of a screw to mark through the holes and into the wall. Remove the head and drill the four screw holes. Put an anchor in each one. Let your assistant take the weight of the board while screwing the wall through the four holes.

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