Octagon Entryway Decorating Ideas


Entryway decorating ideas – Be inspired in your decoration of the shape of your octagonal entrance. Use geometry of the room as a guide when choosing the elements in your interior arrangement. Find topics that mimic and complement the architecture of the room itself. Do not overlook the minor details that will make your vision complete. Create a pattern on the floor of your entrance that mimics the octagonal shape of the room. Options include having octagon-shaped tiles covering the entire area of your choice of colors, with or without additional designs embellished on them. Another idea is to fix your favorite floor and place an octagon inserted right in the middle of the room.

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For example, a traditional square-tiled white floor installs with a large, colored, octagon-shaped tile in the middle. When installing hardwood, create an octagon in the middle of the room with a different colored spot than the rest of the floor. Look for additional options to emulate the shape of the room. Install an octagonal medallion in the ceiling under any lamp. Other choices for octagon entryway decorating ideas is, include tile ceiling to match the octagonal pattern on the floor. For more of a continuous punch, install a light fixture that contains octagonal shapes in it. For example, a chandelier uses octagon shaped prisms or globe shades in your choice of interior colors.

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Invest in an octagonal entryway table and a custom cover that brings octagon shape entryway decorating ideas more in detail. For example, tailor a table cover; lay on each edge so that octagonal shape is seen all the way down to the floor. Adjust the chairs and benches by painting or staining the shape of an octagon on the seats. Another option is to cover the chairs with fabric containing octagonal and add decorative cushions to benches from the same fabric. Hang custom curtains made of fabric, containing an octagonal pattern to tie regular rectangular windows in design. Sun – captors and winds in the form of octagons are another option to add geometric drama and color to windows. Other accessories to bring into your entrance part in shape include candlesticks, keyboards or mail and shelves for storage.

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