Nice Foyer Lantern Ideas


Foyer lantern – If you like a rustic or outdoor look in your home, you can easily add wall lanterns inside the home to give accent lighting. Having a lantern indoors does not have to be overbearing either. Whether you want a spa-like environment in the bathroom or a nice candle for guests to enjoy, wall lanterns are subtle and go with many decor styles.

Since the foyer is the first place for guests to see, lighting the little area of ​​fine light puts a good impression. Use hand-held lanterns on the shelves next to wall decor or nips to show them or hand a foyer lantern from the ceiling to give gentle light on the walls and floors. If the ceiling is low, a pendulum lantern gives light to the surrounding area without reducing the occurrence of the ceiling height.

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And also you can make paper lantern for your foyer with a square or rectangle piece of paper. The paper can be traditionally white or colored. Cut a strip of paper from the bottom, which will be used as a handle later. Fold your piece of paper in the middle so it forms a rectangle and lay the paper flat so that the folded edge is closest to you. With a ruler, measures about 1/4 inch from the top of the paper. Draw a thin line on this mark from end to end, parallel to the top of the paper. Be sure not to cut past this line or you will have to restart. Begin to cut your foyer lantern by starting from the fold and cutting up to the pencil line. Make a cut every half inch apart. Fold your paper and pack it so the cuts you made are vertical and the two ends are touching. Staple the lamp in the top and bottom.

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