Nice Entryway Bench Shoe Storage


Entryway bench shoe storage – There are rooms in the house where storage is essential. However, there are other spaces that we do not consider but that can become a good place to store things. One of these rooms is the hall, a perfect room to store shoes, at least those that we wear more often, have coats on hand or hide those things that we do not want to throw but do not know exactly where to place. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating a small storage corner in your entrance, we want to give you some ideas to be more original than the rest. For that we have taken a look at the creations of our furniture experts looking for proposals that can inspire you. We start!

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When we talk about entryway bench shoe storage, we all come to two things: coats and shoes. And there is nothing like entering the house and having a corner where you can leave those pieces of clothing that, fortunately, we do not need at home. No heels, no laces, much less coats: comfort at home is a plus. That’s why our first proposal is these beautiful donkeys, with space above to hang hangers and down to leave the shoes. The original of this piece, is the material with which it is made. It is wood, yes, but a very special wood.

If we look at the bottom we find that it is a box of fruit that houses our collection of shoes. A sustainable and very functional design.  When looking for ideas to decorate our house, business premises can be a good source of inspiration. That is why we have looked at this proposal from AG Interior for a store in Granada. A shoe display, made with metal plumbing pipes can become nice entryway bench shoe storage and the mannequin next to it would be a very original place to hang your coat. Do you dare to put it into practice?

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