Narrow Foyer Table Style


A narrow foyer table can serve as a functional piece of furniture, and also can be a trendy statement making piece for those who enter your home. It’s easier than you think to rejuvenate the look of your foyer table without jumping to a new table completely. Give you a makeover with a fabric-covered top that matches your decor. Small tables can provide an extra surface to store things or show some of your valued possessions. They can fill an empty space, such as a foyer, or provide a function without taking up too much space, such as in a small dining room or kitchenette. Adjust your little table to highlight the room and complement the rest of the decor.

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Ideas for decorate narrow foyer table, put a thin tablecloth or run on the table if you want to include bedding. Blankets are another option for dining tables. Grab a couple of related topics that add color, texture and fabric to the table and surroundings. For example, a tested can work for a dining table while a group of block lights and candlesticks can work for a foyer table or end table.

Arrange the items on table. Place a single waxy element, such as a significant flower arrangement, potted plant in an open or large statue or artwork, in the middle of the table alone. If you want to mix different items, place them off-center as a large image on one side and a group of different sizes vases on the other. Include a small basket or container if the table is used to capture keys, pocket change or other small items. Hang something over the table if it is placed against a wall as a narrow foyer table would be. A mirror, picture, shelf or illustrations are common choices.

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