Murphy Beds with Desk Ideas


Murphy beds with desk – Make the most of the space with a Murphy bed for a children’s room. The bed can be folded down for use or tucked neatly away when you need more play space. Whether you choose to add an extra bed for your child’s room for sleepovers or use it as your child’s central beds, Murphy beds can be purchased or customized to your specific requirements. A popular thing to do with Murphy beds are hiding the outer side of the bed to look like cabinets. For a children’s room, paint the cabinets in bright colors to work with the rest of the room. One idea is that the wallpaper panels in the “cabinet” in kid-friendly prints. Choose from colorful geometric patterns, stripes, dots, scribbles and character-driven animal prints. Or, for a monochromatic room, paint the cabinet a darker shade than the walls. The interior of the cabinet can be changed as the child’s taste changes.

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Look for Murphy beds with desk design that incorporates a writing desk. Desktop and beds are the two most bulky items in the children’s room. Maximize space by choosing a Murphy bed that combines the two. Options include a desk that folds down to accommodate a small single bed and a desk that will flank the bed. When folded up extra floor space is available. When folded down, acting bed and desk combination as a complete unit. Finishes include wood in light and dark shades, white and black. Or you can build one yourself and paint or stain it how you want.

Another idea is to install an oversized board on the bottom of the Murphy beds with desk. When the bed is up, you can use the board. Whether you choose to frame the painting with a colorful frame, or leave it as it is, will a blackboard give your budding artist space to draw. Or, create an easel on the underside of the bed. Installing an easel with legs that fold out from the Murphy bed with a roll of art paper. Tuck art supplies in a drawer or a cupboard on either side of the bed.

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