Modern Rustic Living Room Bring Elegant Style


Modern Rustic Living Room – There are many styles of decoration and they all have something fascinating that attracts us. The hardest thing is to choose! From the contemporary to the modern, we propose to decorate your living room with design details that offer a great impact.

An elegant and traditional living room should be beautiful as well as timeless. If you want to copy this style try to decorate with a palette of colors in neutral tones, add touches of metal, as well as use large and elegant sculptures and candlesticks. I am passionate about the rustic style in the decoration, and the best way to achieve this is to think about nature. It uses fibers and natural materials such as wood, leather and animal skin, colors inspired by nature in the ranges of beige, brown and gray, and warm lighting.

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The modern rustic living room decoration, typical of country houses and interior, is characterized by elements that refer to nature, such as flowers, objects made of natural materials such as stones and logs, and rudimentary finishes. Who is a fan of style, but lives in a modern environment, does not have to give preference. According to the architect Andrea Parreira, it is possible to unite the rustic to the urban in the same place without leaving it overloaded or grumpy. The practice, which is a trend of decoration, blends the two styles, creating sophisticated and welcoming spaces in the right measure.

To create a fresh modern rustic living room and contemporary style, bet on intense colors and minimalist and varied decorations. Play with shapes, patterns and designs to create a fresh and casual style, but do not tire the view or be overwhelming. The country style is a style that inspires you to relax, using comfortable furniture, simple design patterns, dry colors and pastel, and natural details such as flowers and plants. The antique furniture and porcelain tableware are an extra that adds a lot of charm.

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