Modern Platform Bed Wall Unit


Modern platform bed – Wall units can be huge in size, with several cabinets, shelves and drawers. This space can make for a perfect headboard, but to use it as such you need to connect a bed in the unit. Unfortunately, a wall unit is not properly framed for the attachment of a normal bed, as it lacks the brackets in a uniform space that is compatible for more bed sizes. Building a bed platform based on wall structure dimensions can solve this problem. For this type of bed, you can build a platform that is larger than the mattress, allowing you to place the platform in the space provided by the removal of the base of the cabinet in the wall unit regardless of the size of the space.

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Inspect the bottom of the wall unit to locate a place where you can place the modern platform bed. If there is a central cabinet to place a television, this may be the perfect point after removing the cabinet body. You will need a space of at least 39 inches wide for a twin bed, 54 inches for a full size mattress, or 60 inches for a queen. Remove the center cabinet from the wall unit with a screwdriver to provide space for bed platform placement. Measure the width of the space provided by removing the cabinet, using a tape measure. Choose a mattress for the platform that is closest to the width without going over.

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Measure the length of the mattress modern platform bed. Cut five remove boards with a circular saw to match the inside width of the cubby space created in the wall unit with the cabinet removal, less than three inches. Cut two more boards to match the length of the mattress. Place the boards of width between the boards of length to form a rectangular frame, with the tables of width flush with the ends of the planks of the length. Check that the joints are square by placing a joiner’s square inside them and making sure that each is set at a 90 degree angle.

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