Modern Entryway Table as Great First Impression


Modern Entryway Table – The entrance hall is the entrance to your home and presents the first impression to your guests. A typical lobby element is an entrance table. There are innumerable ways to decorate an entrance table, depending on your taste and the purpose of the table. The factors included are specific issues you may want to incorporate, space that you have available and whether or not you want your desk to be functional.

The type of decoration dictates the type of material you choose for your modern entryway table. Mahogany or cherry wood is appropriate for an antique approach, chrome and glass fit a modern theme and painted or unpainted pine or cedar tables work well for a rustic theme. The size of the table is dictated by the space in your lobby. Long narrow tables that run along the wall without extending more than one foot are ideal for the images they show, while the shorter square or rectangular tables work well for placing items like car keys or a bag that It usually takes with you when you leave the house.

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The common themes for the entry tables include antiques, rustic and modern. Each of these themes for the modern entryway table dictates specific types of decorative pieces. A jewelry or old trinket box will not only fit well for an antique-themed entrance table, which can be used to hold car keys, stamps or even by mail. A rustic table with theme lends itself to cedar or pine boxes and candles. An abstract metal sculpture could be used at a modern entrance table, with the added benefit of offering a place to hang the car keys. Organize the items for aesthetic benefit, but leave space on your table to leave room to place items when entering the house with your hands full.

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