Making Single Futon Chair


Futon Chair – offer a place to rest and lay a place and rest. They are similar futon sofas, but are intended for one person only. Foot chairs are often simple designs and are easy to build. Luxury wood is a common choice for futon building chairs and futon. The type of wood is sufficient for these applications, as well as cheap compared to buying a futon chair ready. Aside from two 30-inch discs on the edge, parallel and 28 inches. Download four flat disc disks 30 inches 32 inches so that they are perpendicular. Walk 4 ½ inches apart, starting two inches from the ends of the 30-inch discs. It should be a fake 1/2 inch

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From both ends of discs on the sides of 30 inch 32 inch discs. Screw four screws through each 32-inch board and 30-inch discs. This is the heart of your futon chair the part your back rests. Aside from two discs 30 inches on the edge, parallel and 25 inches. Put four 32 inches on them, as you did in the previous step. This time should be a fake 2 inch from the ends of the discs and discs 30 inches 32 inches. Screw them in the same way into the 30-inch discs 32-inch discs as in the previous step. This is back to your futon chair.

Place the two 20-inch discs on the edge, parallel and placed at 25 inches. Insert the last two 32-inch drives perpendicular to the ones you made in the previous step and screw it in. This is the part of your seat futon chair. Place the back of the chair flat and parallel to the middle. The rear ones must be compatible with the 30 inch discs between the 30-inch discs in the middle. Patch them so that they overlap with 1 ½ inches. Repeat this process with the seat and the central part of the chair. Drill through the four pairs of overlapping 30-inch discs with a ¾-inch drill bit. Push a bolt into each hole and secure it with a nut, so that they are held by hand.

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