Making Murphy Bed Desk


Murphy bed desk – Many people live in small spaces and need to be creative in designing their living room in such a way that they can accommodate all their activities. It is common that you need a desk for school work, sewing or to work on a hobby. If you have a small space that does not let you put your bed and your table on the floor, build a bed with a desk underneath and you will have plenty of space. When you have finished building, you will have a piece that is approximately 4 feet wide x 7 feet long x 6 feet high. Pull an individual mattress in the loft and pull a chair to the flat table that can be used as writing surface or to turn on the computer.

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Make Murphy bed desk, measure and cut wood. To make the loft bed frame, you need four 4 x 4 seats. The foundation for your mattress will have a 1/2-inch plywood piece 39 x 75 inches. To make the desk, you need two pieces of 2 x 8 wood, each about 48 inches long; And a 1/2-inch piece of high-grade plywood 75 inches long and 25 inches deep. Create the first loft bed. Start with the 4 x 4 posts. Trace a line between the 12 inch posts from the top of each board. These lines are your guides to hold your long 2 x 8 pieces. Fix the 2 x 8 pieces inside the 4 x 4. Your mattress will be approximately 5 feet off the floor. On the opposite side of each post, mark punch holes below the lines you drew.

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Murphy bed desk, place the drill holes in a diagonal pattern and mark them to go through the 4 x 4 and 2 x 8 secondary boards and allow you to run a two piece wooden stud with space to place the washers and nuts. Drill the holes and fasten the side tables with screws, washers and nuts. Attach your tables head and foot. Mark perforations (diagonal pattern) on the adjacent side of the 4 x 4, above the 2 x 8 secondary boards. Drill holes through the 4 x 4 x, 2 x 8 on the dash board and main foot. Install plates with screws, washers, and nuts. They have just created the frame for your bed. Support the bed on your legs and put the 39 x 75 inches of laminated wood into the frame. Secure with safety screws.

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