Making Lounge Chairs for Living Room


Lounge chairs for living room are popular pieces of indoor furniture. These chairs come in a variety of shapes and styles and can be as big or small as needed. A simple armchair, also called a book chair, can be done quickly at home with some tools. Because it’s easy, this kind of armchair can easily be moved and can be done at home with few materials and tools.


Place two 1-inch-by-12-inch pieces of wood on the ground. Lounge chairs for living room to measure and cut each to 3 meters in length. Place a tape measure at the end of one of the boards at the center. Measure 12 inches from the end.  Place a drill at the selected location and drill a hole. Make sure the hole is large enough that a jigsaw blade fits into it. Draw a rectangle that is 1 inch wide and 4 1/4 inches long around the hole with a tape measure. Place a jigsaw in the hole and cut the rectangle out of the board. Set the board aside.

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Place a tape measure at the end of the second board at the center, and measure 12 inches from the edge. Draw a line on this length to mark the location. Place the end of a tape measure on the line being pulled. Measure 2 1/8 inches to the right, which should be to the edge of the board. Draw a straight line with a straight edge. Repeat steps to create a line on the left side of the center marker. Draw a line in the length from the middle mark down to the opposite end of the board. This line will complete the rectangle form on the right side. Repeat the steps on the left side to complete the rectangle.

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Sand both boards of lounge chairs for living room with fine slippers. Remove all rough edges with sandpaper to create a smooth surface. Apply a layer of paint or paint to both boards. Cover the entire board, including the pages. Insert the T-shape of the second board through the gap created in the first board. The long section of the T-shaped board will function as an armchair leg while the upper part of the “T” will function as the seat.


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