Making King Size Canopy Bed


King size canopy bed – Four-poster beds provide a sense of mystery and comfort to one bedroom. There are four-poster beds available in the stores, but the process of making one is simple enough that a trip to the fabric store is all you need. Choose fabrics that delight your home decor and personal style for a luxury bed chapel that can be left open or closed for privacy. Screw a decorative hook in the ceiling over each corner of your bed. Tie a decorative rope to a hook, then stretch it tightly to the next hook and tie it in place. Continue with this with the other hooks, create a rectangle rope hovering over the bed. Measure the distance from the floor at the foot end of the bed up to the rope, over to the opposite rope and down to the floor at the head of the bed. Repeat this process for the sides of the bed.

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King size canopy bed cut two pieces of decorative fabric to match your longer foot-to-head measurement, and two more to fit shorter side to side measurement. Feed one of the longer pieces of cloth over the rope at the base of the bed, then over the rope at the top of the bed. Place the fabric so that the ends touch the ground, slide it over to a side. Repeat this process with the other longer piece of cloth that extends it from the foot of the bed to the head.

Drag the two shorter pieces over the side ropes, drape them down to the floor on the sides of the king size canopy bed. Spread the fabric evenly on the rope. Slide each piece away from the center of the rope to create a gap in the center of each side of the bed. Cut four 2-meter pieces of decorative ropes. Assemble the fabric pieces at each corner and tie them with a rope. The rope should be level with the top of the mattress.

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